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List of documents to be taken to SRO at the time of registration

  • 1. The original document with proper Stamp Duty and bearing signatures of all parties.
    2. If Stamp Duty and Registration Fee has been paid through e-Payment system, the proof thereof.
    3. Identity cards with photos of all parties who will be present to admit the execution.
    4. Persons who will identify the parties and Identity cards with photos of such persons.
    5. Necessary papers according to category of document.*
    6. Amount to be paid in cash as Document Handling Charge at the rate of Rs. 20/- per page depending on the number of pages in the document to be registered.
    7. If the Power of Attorney holder has executed the document on the basis of Power of Attorney or if the document executed by the Principal Person is being presented for registration and/or admission is being given on behalf of the original executor on the basis of Power of Attorney, then the original Power of Attorney showing such right, its true copy and declaration to be given in prescribed form regarding existence of the said Power of Attorney.
    8. If the Public Data Entry option has been used, then the 11 digit number obtained through it and print-out of preregistration summary. If Public Data Entry has not been made, then the Input Form mentioning information of document and the amount to be remitted in cash in the office of Sub Registrar as Data Entry Charge at the rate of Rs.20/-.
    9. If time slot is booked through e-Step in system, the receipt thereof.

    * Kindly note that TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) certificate is not necessary/ asked for as part of the document registration process.

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